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We are North Carolina's ONLY Accredited Caregiver Registry.

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Caregiver Registry Throughout North Carolina

At CaregiverNC, we believe that choosing a Caregiver should be your decision, and one free of hassle and worry. Through our CaregiverNC Web platform, you can create a profile that describes the characteristics of the ideal Caregiver for your needs. Our database then matches you with a list of Caregivers to choose from who meet the criteria you identified when creating your profile. Our accredited Caregiver registry in North Carolina puts you in control and helps you easily and confidently find the home care professional who is right for you. Take charge of your home care needs today by utilizing CaregiverNC’s matching database, and find a qualified Caregiver to be a part of your home. Contact Us today for more information on our Accredited Caregiver Registry.

How It Works Discover How Caregivers and Care Seekers Find Their Best Match


For Caregivers

  1. The Caregiver Makes a Profile

    Create a profile for Care Seekers to review and assess based on their individual care needs.

  2. CaregiverNC Manages the Screening Process

    We screen and verify each Caregiver and their credentials to ensure that professional standards have been met before adding them to the CaregiverNC registry.

  3. The Caregiver Showcases Qualifications

    Describe your qualifications as a Caregiver so we can match you with someone searching for your specific skill set.

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For Care Seekers

  1. The Care Seeker Makes a Profile

    Create a profile describing your Caregiver requirements to start the process of finding Caregivers in your area.

  2. The Care Seeker Chooses Care Needs and Options

    Our database automatically matches local Caregivers to the requirements you specify in your profile.

  3. The Care Seeker Reviews Possible Matches

    Choose your best fit from a list of pre-screened and verified professionals who match your specified needs.

  4. Join as a Care Seeker

Caregiver Services So we can help you find your best fit

  • Personal Care Assistance

  • Activity Engagement

  • Transportation in Your Vehicle

  • Meal Preparation

Accredited Caregiver Registry in NC Helping You Get the Trusted Caregiver You Need throughout North Carolina

Finding Your Best-Fit Caregiver

Deciding to seek in-home care for yourself or a loved one is one of the most important decisions you can make. That’s why CaregiverNC makes the process simple by keeping you in control.  All of the Caregivers listed on our registry are pre-screened and pre-verified to ensure they can provide you with the best care possible.

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We are North Carolina's ONLY Accredited Caregiver Registry.

About Us

Caregiver Referral Services in the Sandhills Area and Throughout North Carolina

CaregiverNC was created to provide a virtual platform for care seekers in search of private-duty caregivers. It is part of a larger family of services that provide consumers with one-stop shopping for all aging care needs. Aging Outreach Services (AOS) has been providing consumers with access to screened, credentialed and verified caregivers through our Caregiver Referral Registry since 1999.

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