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Caregiver Registry in Charlotte and Throughout North Carolina

As North Carolina’s first accredited Caregiver registry, CaregiverNC meets the highest standards in private-duty Caregiver referrals. We give consumers the ability to choose the Caregiver that they believe is the best fit to provide the care they require. CaregiverNC has a proven process for screening and credentialing all Caregivers so that Care Seekers can feel confident in their choices. Through our match technology, Caregivers and Care Seekers can determine compatibility of needs prior to making contact. For more information Contact Us today!

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  • How Caregivers Find Their Best Match
    1. Create a Profile
      The first step of joining CaregiverNC is to create a profile. In addition to your basic information, your profile will showcase your skills, experience and education as a Caregiver. There is also a field where you may enter any certifications, education or licenses that pertain to your business as a Caregiver. All information submitted to CaregiverNC will be reviewed, so please ensure their validity. You will also have the opportunity to enter the distance you are willing to travel to provide care and specific services you offer. This includes entering which tasks that you are willing or unwilling to do for Care Seekers.
    2. Search for Available Caregiver OpportunitiesPlaying Cards | Elderly Care Greensboro
      With the information you’ve submitted, CaregiverNC’s matching database filters through the profiles of Care Seekers and finds potential matches that fit your specific skill set. From there, you may inquire about available caregiver requests or wait to be contacted by a potential Care Seeker.
    3. Establish Services and Your Fees
      Once you have connected with a Care Seeker, you can discuss details of the opportunity and provide any additional information they might request for elderly care and home care assistance. You will determine matters of scheduling and rate of pay directly with the Care Seeker.

    Join CaregiverNC today to find Caregiver referral opportunities in your area.

  • How Care Seekers Find Their Best Fit
    1. Create a Profile
      To join CaregiverNC, you will first create a profile. In addition to your basic information, your profile will show the services you are looking for and information about the qualities and skills you need your Caregiver to have. Being as specific as possible is important to helping our Caregiver registry’s matching database pair you accurately with potential Caregivers.
    2. Review Profiles of Caregivers                                     Reading Book | Home Care Assistance Fayetteville
      Once your profile is complete, CaregiverNC’s matching database filters the profiles of Caregivers. The database produces a list of Caregivers close to you who best match your needs and requirements and allows you to choose which home care professional you’d like to work with. These Caregiver profiles are available for you to view so you can be sure the professional you choose will fit well into your daily life and home.
    3. Contact Your Caregiver                          
      You may directly contact any caregivers that fit your requirements to discuss schedules and rate of pay. Care seekers looking for full-service support can upgrade to premium services for additional support.

    Join CaregiverNC today to find the perfect home care professional for your needs.

  • Our 10-Point Proven Process

    At CaregiverNC, we utilize a 10-point proven process to ensure that all of the Caregivers on our registry are professional, compassionate, experienced and exceed industry standards. To join CaregiverNC’s accredited registry, Caregivers must meet 10 key criteria. These include:

    1. Completing a face-to-face interview
    2. Having multi-state background checks completed
    3. Having professional and personal references verified
    4. Having verified chronological work history for past 5 years
    5. Maintaining ongoing healthcare professional liability insurance
    6. Having provided verification of any current license or certification
    7. Being cleared through state-monitored abuse registries
    8. Providing verification of work eligibility (I-9 or other appropriate documentation)
    9. Providing W-9 form for 1099 tracking
    10. Having an Employer Identification Number (EIN) for tax purposes
  • How Do We Match Caregivers and Care Seekers?

    Our online matching system uses the profile information provided by each Caregiver and Care Seeker to build a list of potential matches. These lists are ranked based on the percentage of criteria found to be matching on both Caregiver and Care Seeker profiles and the geographic location of the Caregiver and the Care Seeker.

  • Basic and Premium Membership Options for Caregivers

    Caregivers listed on our registry have the option of upgrading to our premium Caregiver package, which offers a range of marketing benefits.

    Your BASIC Caregiver Membership is free and includes:

    • A verified active profile that Care Seekers may access to contact you directly regarding your care services
    • Access to the Caregiver Resource Library

    To complete our 10-step credentialing process, Caregivers are required to provide:

    • A multi-state background check. If you do not have a current background check, you may purchase this report from a third-party provider as you complete your Caregiver profile. (Average cost of $60 every 5 years)
    • Proof of liability insurance for a general healthcare provider. If you do not have a current policy, you may purchase this insurance from a third-party provider as you complete your registration process. (Average cost of policy is $89/annually)

    Your PREMIUM Caregiver Membership includes the BASIC package plus:

    • PREMIUM profiles are listed above BASIC profile when matches are displayed
    • The ability to respond to and post on the CaregiverNC Community Bulletin Board
    • PREMIUM members are notified when an immediate care alert is issued by a Care Seeker
    • Ability to add profile badges based upon credentials, reviews and longevity of care services provided

    $12.99/monthly or $99/annually

    Become a PREMIUM Caregiver Now! Membership options will become available when account is approved.

  • Basic and Premium Options for Care Seekers

    Care Seekers can choose to take advantage of our Care Concierge Program, offered in partnership with AOS At Home Care. With a Care Concierge, Care Seekers have access to a full range of personalized support.

    Choose a BASIC or PREMIUM Membership Package:

    Your BASIC Care Seeker Membership includes:

    • Access to all Caregiver profiles, credentials and background check verification
    • Ability to directly contact Caregivers and coordinate care
    • Access to the CaregiverNC Community Bulletin Board to create care postings
    • Monthly copy of OutreachNC magazine
    • Access to CaregiverNC Resource Library

    $29/month or $299/annually

    Your PREMIUM Care Seeker Membership includes the BASIC package plus:

    • Direct access to a Care Concierge, who can provide individualized support when setting up your profile and selecting Caregivers
    • Ongoing scheduling support and assistance creating your ideal schedule of care
    • Ability to process Caregiver payment through a funded escrow account, 1099 tax reporting and a statement of all funds paid for your Caregiver services
    • Your Care Concierge can also provide ongoing resources and referrals to other eldercare professionals and services that may be needed

    PREMIUM Membership fees are typically $6 per hour in addition to the Caregiver’s hourly rate. Through our partnership with AOS At Home Care, getting the support you need is easy. Care Seekers will be invoiced for all PREMIUM Membership services at the time care is utilized.

    We encourage you to contact us today to discover the benefits of working directly with a Care Concierge.

    At Caregiver NC, we realize that care can mean more than just a Caregiver coming into your home. Through our partnership with AOS Care Management, an experienced Aging Life Care™ Professional can provide a variety of additional support services, including:

    • Certified Senior Advisor consultation
    • Coordination of legal, financial and health professionals
    • Plan of care
    • Liaison to family members
    • Attending medical appointments
    • Client needs assessment
    • Family consultation
    • Dementia care
    • Hospital visits
    • Crisis intervention
    • Placement assistance
    • Caregiver referrals