About Our Caregiver Registry Accreditation Learn More About the Accreditation Standards Our Registry Follows

NC Accredited Caregiver Registry

At CaregiverNC, we are proud to manage the only accredited Caregiver registry in North Carolina, showing that we have met a range of standards for our Caregiver screening process. Our Caregiver registry is accredited through the Caregiver Registry Standards Board (CRSB), which has established industry benchmarks and standards for private-sector Caregiver registries in addition to screening, referring and representing independent registries that offer Caregiver referral services. With the highest, most demanding accreditation standards, the CRSB is the premier accreditor of Caregiver registries nationwide—the trusted “gold standard” for Caregiver registries.

Why Strive for CRSB Accreditation?

We chose to pursue accreditation for our Caregiver registry because the CRSB has created the national benchmark for operational standards within Caregiver registries. CRSB accreditation lends our registry credibility through a trusted independent and objective review of our processes and our services.

Our CRSB Caregiver registry accreditation is intended to give both the Caregivers listed on our registry and Care Seekers alike enhanced transparency and peace of mind that the highest standards in Caregiver referral are being met. You would not let just anybody into your home, so let us help you find the best match possible.

Discover the CaregiverNC Difference

CaregiverNC has demonstrated that our Caregiver registry meets or exceeds an array of criteria to have been awarded CRSB accreditation. These standards of excellence include the following:

  • Our registry operates 24 hours per day, seven days per week with live accessibility.
  • We have a system in place for screening and credentialing all Caregivers who are listed on our site.
  • We conduct face-to-face meetings with all Caregivers who seek to find clients through our site.
  • Each Caregiver completes a multi-state criminal background check when creating a profile and every 5 years afterward.
  • Each Caregiver fills out a US Citizenship and Immigration Service I-9 Citizenship Form, or otherwise provides appropriate evidence of their right to work in the US.
  • We verify the validity and currency of any license or certification each Caregiver claims to possess.
  • We verify a chronological work history covering at least the past five years from the time of registration.
  • We verify all Caregivers’ training and experience.
  • We request information about the Caregiver from recognized state monitoring organizations, including abuse registries.
  • Our screening procedure requires agreement to terms, including the disclosure of a history of loss of license and/or felony convictions.
  • We complete a 5-year work verification and obtain professional references for all Caregivers.
  • All Caregivers provide proof of liability insurance.
  • All Caregivers have a minimum of 2 years of related experience.
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